I had some time to do a few things in the car after all. I started to learn something I always wanted to: low level programming, and more precisely, gameboy programming.

I started looking at some documentation about the gameboy, and tried an assembler a friend of mine told me about: wla-dx.

saluk9 years ago

Ooo fun, I played with gb programming a while back. Didn't delve too much into assembly though. Long car trips are great for these kinds of exploratory projects. One of my biggest applications actually began on a car trip.

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Fiew, not much activity there from my part…

I had a big computer crash wednesday and I had to reinstall a lot of packages and rebuild some of my tools, it took me some time. Also, my dad has been sent to the hospital and needed me… Not much time for making games sadly.

But there! I’m back! And I found part of the reason that lead to the bug I talked about earlier. It was just me being stupid about threads (I had the main thread sleeping for some time between frames for testing, and forgot removing that -_-). Now the game is running quite well. I still see some timing fluctuations but it’s not that much of a problem right now.

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Did a bit of music/sound programming today. Since the game is heavily based on the music, this is quite important. :Þ

I discovered a bug by doing so, it looks like all the timings are off, fluctuating quite a lot. This is not good at all, I’ll have to investigate on that.

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Still tweaking the player’s movement.

I’ve been brainstorming quite a bit today to decide what I’ll do in the next few days.

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Today’s work was targetted on the player’s movements. It’s very far from perfect but at least it’s there.

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Quite a busy day today, not much time for making games.

I just improved the level generation a bit (which is just there for testing purposes), the previous one was way too chaotic.

EDIT: gif of the thing :3

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Whow, super streak break. :/

I'm having a hard time working on LOL nn curry, I don't see real progress so I'm not staying motivated, sadly…

That's why today I'm starting a very simple game, I'll try to be as carefree as possible to program this one in order to stay away from code mental blocks (it appends way too often…).

I don't really know where I'm going with this yet, I'll try to make it as fun as possible to build and play. :D

Still no luck with the gameboy yet. I’m super tired but I’m coming back home tomorow so that should ease things up a bit.

Even though I have a more important project on the run, I’ll probably continue to fiddle with it, I’m really not used to low-level programming and want to learn more about it.

Still very tired so not much done today…

I tried to display something on the screen but failed. :|

I need to read the docs a bit more thoroughly.

Super tired today, I only started a tiny program for gameboy that doesn’t do anything yet.

I managed to spend some time (about 1h) to continue documenting myself on the gameboy internals. The hardware and assembly language seem quite simple at first glance.

I’ve also taken a quick look at the disassembled and commented source of pokémon red, which is available on github. It’s quite amazing what they did there… Pokémon crystal’s source is also available and is even more incredible. There is some kind of high level scripting language, embedded in the assembly code, whow!

Pretty tired today, I haven’t done much.

Using integers instead of floats seems to do miracles for now, even if I have a few problems here and there. I’ll investigate later on that.

I’ll be out for some days so I’ll probably break my streak… :Þ

I didn’t do much today.

Still working a bit on the physics. I’m trying to use integers everywhere now, since I’m not too confident with floating point numbers (I tend to have quite a lot of problems with them…).

Still working on the physics, it’s starting to look great, I think I’m nearly finished with that part. :)

I also did a quick setup for live coding, which really helped me tweak the above, and will probably be great in the long run.

Still resurecting my Ludum Dare project.

I’m still working on the physics code, I rewrote a large part of it to tidy everything up a bit, it nearly works as I want it to!

Hey there, very first post on streak club!

I've resurected my project from last Ludum Dare, since I really like the ideas we came about.

Today I started reworking our collisions system, which really sucked and was painfully slow.

More about the game in later posts. :)

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