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I didn’t do much today.

Still working a bit on the physics. I’m trying to use integers everywhere now, since I’m not too confident with floating point numbers (I tend to have quite a lot of problems with them…).

Still working on the physics, it’s starting to look great, I think I’m nearly finished with that part. :)

I also did a quick setup for live coding, which really helped me tweak the above, and will probably be great in the long run.

Still resurecting my Ludum Dare project.

I’m still working on the physics code, I rewrote a large part of it to tidy everything up a bit, it nearly works as I want it to!

Hey there, very first post on streak club!

I've resurected my project from last Ludum Dare, since I really like the ideas we came about.

Today I started reworking our collisions system, which really sucked and was painfully slow.

More about the game in later posts. :)