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started the yearly minecraft server with a few friends. did some town building tonight :d im the owner of JFC (jason fried chicken) and my buddy is MCdonalds. Wendys might come in as well

made a text thingie on canva

Damn 400+ days flew by. 1000 days will come by in a blink of an eye! It's a pleasure doodling with u all, let's fooken go

today's my 400day streak but ill do a pic tmrw!

Turned off my PC so I drew myself drawing this picture on my phone

doodled some quick backdrop for these splash shapes

Started a drawing so i can frame it up for miy moms bday. Gotta find out what brushes to use for these cloudy textures. Also needa experiment with scenery colors & settings

itch > Steam is a fact, not an opinion

doodle brainstormed some game engine icons

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