Working on some mechanics for once!

The game will feature multiple controllable characters that you switch between.. In the pictures you can see how one alien can activate a machine and the other can carry stuff.. COooooooool!

Needs a bunch of tweaking of course but this is a really good start! :D

(The last gif is just because I'm so in love with the bubble pop animation hahaha <3 )

ditto9 years ago

@Deammer I've been thinking about starting a devlog for a while now, but haven't really gotten around to it.. Soon maybe! :D

Deammer9 years ago

@ditto that's impressive, good job keeping it lightweight. I'd love to read a write-up of how you do AI/state machines for that. Keep it up!

ditto9 years ago

@Deammer It's lots of fun! :D I'm keeping it veeery simple tho, and I'm impressed with how good it works considered how little logic there is behind it. The whole "following" script is only 40 lines of code! :o

Deammer9 years ago

Making the AI follow you between planets must be a lot of fun to implement. This looks great!

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