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Starting to see the finish line on the BFL. No winding for a change.

More BFL, what else? And some more winding again.

Finished and rewound the silk - had to leave som behind, will chain-ply it separately maybe. And started the BFL.

Day 3 and more silk. Also re-skeined the Polwarth and wound more thread.

Tour de Fleece day 2, and wound more thread.

Wound the variegateds and the Coloris, filling one box.

Finished combing the BFL.

Skeined and washed the Polwarth yarn (tentative name: Alicorn Barf).

Predrafted and started spinning one of the silk gradients.


Plied the Polwarth. Started combing and blending the BFL gradients I like the least. Wound all the Color Variations floss: 60 down, 465+24 to go...

Finished the rainbow ply, started the purple.

Combed the Polwarth. Plyed the alpaca (2-ply main skein and chain-plied leftover). Started spinning the Polwarth

Rewound bobbins to be even, finished up mini skeins, spun the second alpaca single

Spinning, untangling, knitting. 8 repeats in!

Lots of untangling and some alpaca-silk on the wheel

Reskeined and measured: about 350m and 64g. All done

A few rows on Woodland and quite a bit of plying. Still a long way to go on both

Package prep (added leader on spindle, picked wool, skeined more Lovikka, twisted mini-skeins) and a pitiful two rows of Woodland

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