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Forgot how to draw these rocky textures Going to draw more textures and scenes this week so I can begin experimenting with light sources

Returned to an old sketch. Finalized the poses and slashes. Colors & post processing fx for later

polished concept sheet. Ill think of ways to polish this even further and apply those techniques to future doodles

more concept sketches. need to polish later

Added some color. Now for some blur and extra juice tmrw

scrapping the other sketches for now. Polishing this one tmrw

hands summoning fire spells. no mental energy to add more than 1 color lol

Finished up the character sheet! Ill make the sheets more themed in the future- this one was all over the place.

Note to self: Space characters out. Plan out fx in the sketching phase. Thicker outlines are great. Make smokes more expressive by removing sharp details.

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