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I too a break for a while due to life and illness. Tried for something light this week.

Made this with some patches on the Korg MS2000. Went for a more chaotic sound.

late submission cause I lost track of time preparing for our show on Saturday that I forgot to record a track this week. This piece was composed using the raw data from a image file. I clipped out some glitchy parts and created a washy rhythm. Then I added some beats over it from a kit I created out of vocals and radio static.

little beat with some sounds.

feeling dark this week

I was looking at a radio tower blinking on the late evening into night sky. This would be how I would describe what I saw. its been an odd day I think. Thanks for listening.

Microbrute into Space into OP1 only using the same patch with a whole wheelbarrow of FX on Micro for this weeks gauntlet dropped challenge.


Some Hashplant, but mostly Romulan

My G0d it's full of clowns

look out I'm s







into the liquid... bye

I started off trying to make some beats at 212 bpm. Then I played with a very noisy synth patch, making it even more noisy in the process. It devolves then sort of returns towards the end. I found it to be strangely calming.

tools used :

teenage engineering OP1

Arturia Microbrute


EHX Superego

Digitech Polara

Korg Kaoss KP2

I started with a long ambient track using the Microbrute and EHX effects into the Kaoss pad. I added sounds with the op1. Then I decided to add the second section that was more rhythm based. When mixing down I slowed the tape speed down to add to the ambience and added a long delay. Then I performed some tape maniulation live during the mixdown.

I tried to break out of my pattern of dark music and make something upbeat. Created entirely on the Teenage Engineering OP-1. Beat samples are created from vocal track.

Composed on a Teenage Engineering OP-1. The beat sample comes from a car crash scene in the movie Deadpool. Mix is muddy, but I was going for a dark and cold vibe.

Created combining pieces of several old tracks and clips.

Completed streaks