Welcome 2020


Just saying hi. How is everyone doing? I haven't touched the streak club code in some time but it seems like it's still running fine. Keep up the good work.

Hey Leaf, thanks for sharing this site on Twitter!
Just started StreakClub today to start the year off- pretty excited to get some streaks going :D

Thanks for making this site! It's very motivating, even if I am technically breaking the "rules" - often I have to catch up and late submit and such. It's so productive for me that I'll keep doing it, hope that's ok.


That's perfectly okay, that's why late submit exists. I've found that it's more important (and healthy) that you don't have to be obsessed with the clock and instead you're consistently getting stuff up for each day!

Yeah it's going well, keeps me accountable to draw everyday - whether it's something that takes thought, or a quick sketch on busier work days!

2019 fell into a bit of a rut for everything outside of work for me, I guess I need the structure of something like this