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First time using an actual IRL keyboard to make on of those weekly challenge. (I'm no pro) Almost in time! This is also the first time I have a late submit... I had a rough week :(

!(Positive vibes)

I tried a quiet one this time around

Animation I made for a teaser video that's about to be published :D

It feels more like a cohesive thing.

I'm working on sports related buildings right now :)

I've been skipping my drawing lessons lately :/

So here's my 3D modeled stadium :D

I did not draw this week but at least I studied musical composition and tried to create this audio loop :)

I don't know how much I have to get from the OG picture for the study to be useful...

Late because I wasn't proud of it... I'm still not proud of it xD but here it is

I would love to have feedback on this :)
Layout video available here

I don't feel like I captured the feeling, but I feel like I'm improving.

Today's work is a study of this strange pose in dead poet's society.

Back to basic studying. I take a reference and study it so that I can understand proportions, poses and anatomy. I'm still a beginner and I know there are a lot of mistakes, but that's the point.

I'm learning, this is new to me :)

I made that while listening to this on loop: :) (it's yesterdays, but it's my first one so deal with it :P )

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