keikoawfi · 81 days ago

@aromoma thank you so much!

aromoma · 82 days ago

i love his pastel colors <3

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It's all i could draw today :(
I really need to work on expressions and angles
I feel like I drew this face a thousand times already

i'm back! after two weeks,,,
school is taking me a lot of time D:
here's Yan an from Pentagon!

some sanrio characters :D
(-> kuromi, my melody, pompompurin, keroppi & hello kitty)

Finally finished it :)
I struggled with their back story- but my amazing/fabulous/extraordinary friend helped me :D
English isn't my first language- so sorry if it looks like a toddler wrote this
The story in general is very childish and cliche, i had to create a comic book character and make a presentation about it,,,,,
--- The is text bellow the drawing ---
edit : damn i made typos

idk what i'm doing

i just finished the lineart :) it's past midnight here i think i need to go to sleep-

here's my oc Eddie, just created them a whole story for an english project-
so yeah now they're a mutant,,, :D
i'm very late but happy new year-

I hope I can finish this drawing one day - :[

oh i hate this
(i drew Jennie from Blackpink- for my cousin once again)

My cousin asked me to draw jimin (from BTS),,, so I did :D
It looks weird tho D:

Quick sketch of an old oc

i drew some random pictures i found on pinterest :)


i don't really know how to draw hands, but i enjoy doing them-

i haven't submited anything for a week D:
i'm having a hard time liking my art, especially my art style, that's why i tried drawing in some of my favorite artists' style. i hope i can learn some things from it :)
here i tried drawing in amnesicaa's style (on instagram)

finally finished it! i have a lot of work these days but holidays are coming so i'll be able to draw more often!
i changed his skin tone to a lighter one since he's actually inspired from an idol (lee felix from stray kids) :D

i didn't have much time to draw because of school :(
his knee is weird- i'll have to fix that later

yay strawberry boy pt.2

I wish I had more time to draw but I have to study now... D:

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