Submissions from 2023-02-02 to 2023-02-03 (10 total)

A submission for Daily Art Club

just another little spirte today, adding on to yesterdays

Not liking how this one is turning out; may change the scale of the pinball machine itself

A submission for Daily Art Club

Little self portrait I guess? :D

A submission for Daily Art Club

loop from remixing around with NSYNC - Bye Bye Bye. muted vocals for copyright.

so many good quality acapellas on youtube. any pop song some dude has stripped the vocal with AI and uploaded the acapella to youtube in the last couple years. looks like pop artists are starting to upload the acapellas themselves now as well. probably because of the AI stripping. and caus ppl upload 5 different versions of a song these days for more content

Untitled video - Made with Clipchamp.mp426mb