Submissions from 2020-02-23 to 2020-02-24 (6 total)

Some bugs for the form, not shape homework (ctrl + paint), and a page of shapes in perspective!

Bugs: I learned that there's this scary looking wasp that has arms(!!)
I'm not gonna lie I was terrified but it was also somewhat wholesome (if you read the caption)

Okay back to original train of thought, I'm not sure if I did today's exercise right but the whole point was to draw the subject with volume rather than as a flat shape if that makes sense. According to the video, it's more of a mental exercise than anything else.

Perspective shapes: Not much to look at here, and I definitely need a lot of practice but here's my first attempts at shapes other than squares/rectangles in perspective! I had lots of trouble making accurate lines here, possibly because my pencil crayons were dull, or I (the more likely reason) high key just like coloring things

I drew 63* garfields in the past 7 days

(there are some jons and odies and arlenes in there)