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I wanted to post a finished version of yesterday's doodle which I worked on for 5 hours, but microsoft decided that restarting my computer and then updating for an hour without even letting me save was the best idea.

oddly enough I worry about making her look too feminine

Trying to titillate your audience doesn't work if you don't make us care about the characters first, and it especially doesn't work if you do nothing but show upskirts in literally every scene. I watch bad anime for fun with Penbee but boy... the patterns I've been seeing in a lot of the modern stuff has been disheartening!
Today's work has been in the sketchbook. Trying to draw on paper more, I'm feeling super drained doing the same thing over and over. Onward...

I feel like I am done this. I wanted to move on to something new and more difficult. I was kind of nervous going into this but it came out ok?!