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Woops, looks like I forgot to submit last week. I did a mix but then forgot to submit it.

The weather has started to get hot here in the Bay Area. I started this mix off with a summer feel and expanded into a bit of techno. This mix also has almost no vocals, I think there is one vocal sample and then the final track does have vocals.

I'll update this once I do my week 10 mix.

Starting with Storms In Africa and Little Fluffy Clouds, this mix grew to expand on those themes and then finally bring them back near the end.

Was busy this week at GDC, but I still managed to put together (what I think is) a great mix! Inspired by conversations with a friend I went for a much longer transition length than usual. 3 minutes on average, where previously it was probably half that!

I think it turned out pretty good. What do you think?

This weeks inspiration was to stick to about 128 BPM and see where it goes. I also ended up limiting myself to tracks made before about 2003 (woops, all except one track). The earliest was 1981, but most were from between 1992 and 2003.

Look forward to next week where we turn it up to 140 BPM and see what happens!

Oh, and this was the first mix I edited the volume envelope post-mix to try and deal with some loud and quiet tracks that weren't quite dealt with by Traktor's autogain.

I looked into doing more (compression, etc) but the consensus seems to be that EQ / Volume envelope should be more than enough to make it sound good.

Here in week 4, I can't seem to get away from a slow tempo and a broad mix of genres. Guess that might be my thing. We'll have to see how things shape up in the weeks to come!

I again had some issues with normalizing volume between tracks. I wonder if I should attempt to post-process in Audacity to increase or decrease the levels of various parts of the mix.

I went for a much slower BPM this week. My track selection was all very close to 100BPM so instead of adjusting up/down throughout the set I just locked Traktor at 100 BPM and ran everything at that rate. One track was near 120 but it wasn't beat matched, so I just marked it as 100 BPM and let things go.

For track selection I started with some ambient / downtempo stuff, I ended up with a lot of 2/4 tracks so I rolled with it.


1.Welcome To Soulshine by DJ Cam

2.Jaded by Lone

3.Right Now (feat. Black Thought Of The Roots and Styles Of Beyond) by Fort Minor

4.Down Tha Rabbit Hole (Instrumental Mix) by Mat Tha Hat

5.Into The Fourth Dimension (Essenes Beyond Control) by The Orb

6.Versivo by BOLA

7.Paris (Dalton. Remix) by |M|O|O|N|

8.Until You're Worth It (Andrew Weatherall Remix) by Mugwump

9.In My Dreams (Cudder Anthem) by KiD CuDi

10.Consensual Worlds by Delerium

11.Barramundi by This Mortal Coil

12.Vacant Winter Day by Lycia

13.Floor Face Down by Ian Pooley

14.Her Face Forms in Summertime by The Future Sound of London

15.Avalanche (Live) by Prince

This one stuck a little closer to a single genre/speed than my last one. Some of the transitions seemed to work better in practice, I think I still need to work on getting the gain right on everything, some are louder than others.

Without the talking. Got it in early today.

Maybe had too many layers on, but was POOPED out at the end of this walk.

Didn't go walking at my normal time but did make sure to go after dinner.

First of a hopefully long list of weekly mixes. Took 4 days to organize the 87 tracks bought from Beatport that was then selected from for this mix. So some of that other stuff will hopefully show up in following mixes.

I can't seem to upload large files so you can listen here:

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