Submissions from 2021-12-06 to 2021-12-13 (10 total)

Happy with this one, I hope I mixed the guitars nicely.

Here is a better high quality and mastered version:

A noisy and messy, out of sync piece. I jammed on the Lyra-8 and added rythm guitar and percussions afterwards. A chaotic mess with some huge Lyra growls and screams. With more time and work, this kind of exercice could be turned into something interesting.

Soundcloud for a better sound quality:

Quite a busy week so only had time for a short experiment, with 4 textures from the Korg Wavestate over which I play the bass. Quick and dancy with just a touch of eerie and cinematic.

A more structured song than last week, but the final section isn't nearly as hype as I wanted it to be. I think the brass samples are a bit weak, and I probably should have figured out how to beef them up with synths a bit more... and probably should have dropped the bass before going into that part. Whoops.

Still having fun with Vital synth this week with this short track composed mainly with slightly tweaked stock presets, and some drums from Wavparty. Feels more like a cheap experiment or sketch than a song, but I learned some stuff while playing around with that synth. A bit frustrated to have no time for a decent mix on this one, it's pretty much exported raw from the DAW, but time is running out tonight.

Doing some more hybrid orchestral/electronic music. I was feeling a little sick from getting my COVID booster today and I think some of that might have come through in the choice of non-scale tones. I also tried to add a few chromatic mediants here and there for practice purposes.

The end result is a soundtrack-style sound with a lot of tension and hopefully a bit of a mini journey.

A bit of a meh track, not very inspired. For some reason, I had this image of an evening on a sand beach , sand from silicon chips. Which made me think that having chips silicon sand in your shoes must be quite uncomfortable.

Playing with some new libraries, including Arkhis for some atmospheric cinematic sounds. me like.

Just some binaural beats, did some of it in Blok Modular with extra modulation but a lot of it is Gnaural

a quick quasi-ambient joint

Continuing my solo-guitar thing, this week has a fretted instrument (Univox Effie Hollowbody in Fahey C tuning) going through the Afghan Rubab resonator network I put together last week. There's also a send to a convolution reverb with a large space impulse, and Ableton's Wide & Warm audio effect rack on the output.

Recorded live with no edits--you can hear some notes against the side of the frets...but it seemed honest to leave it.

The title comes from M101, the pinwheel galaxy, and the dedication is to a friend who would have been celebrating a birthday today, had he not left us earlier this year. (I raised both a glass and a guitar to Russ today.)