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Doing some more hybrid orchestral/electronic music. I was feeling a little sick from getting my COVID booster today and I think some of that might have come through in the choice of non-scale tones. I also tried to add a few chromatic mediants here and there for practice purposes.

The end result is a soundtrack-style sound with a lot of tension and hopefully a bit of a mini journey.

EDIT: I am getting an error when exporting audio in Bitwig and can't figure it out. For now, I'll link to the part of the Twitch VOD where I play the song until I can figure this out.

I guess this is more like psychedelic trance now, but it's gone from being an intro and a drop into an entire song. It needs some work, but I will probably stop uploading versions of this song to Weekly Music and work on that offline.

Issues that need improvement:

  • It's long
  • Need more variation/consistency in the use of the riff/melody/stabs
  • Lots and lots of production, like balancing out the drums/samples/groove/snares/claps
  • Some dissonant chords from typos and stuff
  • Needs some more light FX and fills

As usual this was streamed,