Submissions from 2021-11-29 to 2021-12-06 (11 total)

Another track based on a Lyra-8 background, with bass, guitar and Wavparty samples for the drums. It could have used more variation and could have been a little longer but I ran out of time.

High quality on Soundcloud:

Just strung together a couple of riffs for this week's song. I'll try to do something more structured next time.

For this week here's another facet of the Wavestate: this time I sequenced an acoustic guitar arpeggio, a pad underneath and percussion + drums in a composition reminiscent of the German band Empyrium. Over this I played guitar and bass. It's funny that since I got the Wavestate I moved to more structured arrangements and per-part recording as opposed to the loop-based techniques up until then. I think it's really nice how a new instrument is able to refresh one's work and at least for a time make him work differently. I am sure I will return to looping with the synth adding even more to the arsenal.

This one is 100% Vital synth. I wanted to use only that plugin for every sound, so basically all drums, bass, pad and arps are Vital presets I built along the way. It's been a very interesting learning experience as far as sound design goes, and learning some of Vital's awesome features. The track is a bit short, just shy of 2:00, but I lacked the time and inspiration to make it go to more interesting directions. It's also been a frustrating experience editing midi in Harrison Mixbus, as I got a lot of crashes and freezes, may be due to the multiple Vital instances too. The title comes from a great book by David Whyte.

I got myself an early Christmas present with a compilation of libraries. I made this track to try them out, between the Symphony ensembles, percussions, choirs, etc. It's quite a derivative track that sounds like a pirate jig but that was a fun exercise.


Song with lyrics that I wrote for One Hour Compo, but due to render issues I couldn't submit it for that competition.

Hi I'm DJ Saint-Hubert, I make electronic music with Jeskola Buzz, mostly Blok Modular Been trying to make more chill tunes as of recently. The hats and the noise sounds had complex patches in particular so I hope they sound good! Here's an image of the noise patch

For mastering I used Melda MEqualizer, Baby Audio TAIP, Chow Tape Model, and a custom spectral saturation I programmed in Reaper's ReaJS language. I may post unmastered tracks if I'm running behind schedule though

forgot to upload Sunday, but i did this over the past weekend.

This one's solo guitar--specifically, a fretless and headless guitar put together roughly from remnants of a smashed acoustic, built by Phosphene Audio. I've had it for a few years, having traded a pedal for it. I knew there were songs in there.

A couple days ago I retuned it from concert tuning to something approaching the three drone and three melody strings of an Afghan rubab, and did some quick improvisations, one of which is the playing you hear in this piece. Cool...but it didn't sound enough like a rubab. I sent it to some convolution reverb, which was good, but I could do more.

First I added Ableton's Corpus plugin inline, and added a membrane resonator. That helped get a bit of a banjo quality, but didn't address the rubab's 13 sympathetic strings. There was, however, nothing stopping me from adding 13 more instances of Corpus using the string resonator, and setting them up in parallel chains using an audio effects rack. I brought the membrane Corpus instance in, and another chain with no effects. That's what you're hearing here.

The title comes from the galaxy NGC 100 being a deep-sky spiral.