Submissions from 2021-11-22 to 2021-11-29 (9 total)

I wrote a track for Two Hour Track Sunday last Sunday, but apparently forgot to upload it to WeeklyMusic, so this is a super late.

I thought what if I try to very quickly make an EP out of the jam session I did earlier this week. I managed to "finish" 4 tracks, but I am only posting the 1st one here for now.

Not a lot of time to experiment this week, but I had lots of fun with the Wavestate! On this track it gives the groove and the pads while I improvised on top with the bass and guitar. It happened that the second part is slightly more loose while the first is more bang on the point. A nice effect.

After a few hours of experimenting on the Lyra-8 today, I compiled some patterns and techniques I stumbled upon while practicing into a one-take live track. The percussions are generated by the LFO as a mod source on the internal delay effect. A meditative experience.
No editing, just some sound shaping, reverb and mastering in Ableton.

High quality on Soundcloud:

Totally not a ripoff of bits and pieces from "Encroaching fear" from FFXV, "Tension" from Persona 5, and "Castle theme" from Mario Bros Wii... :P

The idea this week was to build a track and a custom visualization to go along with it. The track is pretty simple, using some drum samples from Wavparty and 3 tracks of Vital synth. I did not spend a lot of time on the track, but ... quite a few hours learning how to use Cables ( ). I have always been into audio visualizations, and Cables is reeeeeally awesome... but the learning curve is steep, you really need time to learn and experiment, it's essentially a graphics engine but it has audio operators that you can set up. I'm not sure I'm gonna publish the video for this track in the end, as its pretty weak... Maybe I'll attach a link later this week. Oh and the title comes from a weird dream where I ordered some food delivery, and the guy gave me a brown paper bag with this inscription at the bottom: "Neal's Diet". Weird.

Update: I finally finished the audio visualizer, here it is:

A derivative track with glitch, throat singing, some arps and of course whales.

Another all-guitar one. This started pretty loose, and then coalesced around one chord progression. And a busy weekend meant I couldn't wrap it up until now. The overall result...could be music.

Guitar: PureSalem Mendiola, through Balls Effects KWB (for some bits) and straight into the board. One send: a hall-sized convolution reverb.

The title comes from the hydrogen bridge coming off of Messier 99.