Submissions from 2015-07-14 to 2015-07-15 (4 total)

$%#*#&!^@ still trying to fix the nodes/enemy movement in the editor. It started messing up when I added multiple enemies, so that's gotta be a clue.

So it turns out that when I can't think of a good game idea whatever I make just becomes some super minimalist or colorful thingy.

A submission for Make games. 171

Project Management Monday Tuesday. Edited my big list of random tasks. May or may not pick a task off of it and mess with it tonight.

Finally started the Unity tutorials! I needed that to refresh my memory a bit about C#, and to be more comfortable with the Unity interface.

So now I know how to roll a ball!

It's pretty well-done, covering many aspects at a nice pace.

Next step: I'm gonna try this Space Shooter tutorial.

AND/OR The survival shooter: