Submissions from 2015-06-23 to 2015-06-24 (4 total)

  • I have a story module (still no good term for this) involving characters doing something when people are asleep
  • Still undecided how to implement story modules
  • But I will need a way to have characters be asleep!
  • Why not create a bed item? Creating items is one of my favorite things to do in game programming ever.
  • Even though I created it for the story and the other characters, easier to test with player, so lets make a bed the player can use
  • Hey, getting in and out of the bed is kind of cool. Wait a minute...
  • I currently only have one character stat so far, endurance
  • Sleeping in bed should make this go up!
  • Run around and do stuff, then go sleep. Such gameplay.

I coded a ton of cutscenes and story for the first episode of The Mountain. I'm thinking that I'm going to release it in an episodic format so I can get feedback as I go along. I'm hoping that the save games will work across all the episodes, so when I release episode 2 you can just load your episode 1 game and continue right where you left off. I guess we will see what happens...

I haven't finished the animations for any of the supporting characters yet which is why they just glide around without ever changing their stance. I'll get there. There is a lot of placeholder art in the inventory screen and elsewhere also. I want to get the story developed and all the individual scripting pieces working before I start in on the polish.

A submission for Make games. 150

I had to work on some paperwork for Dreaming Sarah today so I couldn't work as much as I wanted on Dandy. Still, I'm working on a "throwing" animation for the characters to try and give a more "whomp" feel when the player throws something.

I decided to share my whole list of animations too. The way it's setup like this is because this way I can use the same object for different player sprites. The first part is the direction the player is moving towards, the first number is the base sprite (if it's the duck then it's 0, if it's the rabbit then it's 1) and the second number is the "holding item" animation (where they put their arms up).

This is a really good way to manage animations and such in Construct 2 because you could set a boolean or a variable to the sprite name. For instance, in my game I have (set player animation to: player.direction & whichPlayer & isHoldingItem).

I guess I could make it a little better by using the angle instead of "up", "down" and etc, but it works like this so heh.