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A submission for Make games. 143

Fixed a couple bugs in MyBacklog.

Same download as before:

I'm on vacation with family this week, so I haven't had lots of time. Worked briefly on the main character walk cycle.

A submission for Make games. 143

Just checking in, sorry still no game work, but checked my github streak and I'm actually at the longest dev streak I've ever had, working on this website. I'm nearing release, mainly just need to buy a prepaid credit card so I can purchase a domain name, then I'll do another post here, for now, if anyone is interested in checking out: , I would be greatly appreciative as I just mocked up the homepage this evening and haven't had feedback on it yet. As for the actual chatrooms, you'll notice the stated main room is pretty empty, this is as currently all the users chat in a founders room which will be made private on release.

Note: I have yet to get permission from Leaf if I may use that screenshot of streakclub, I will not release the site with that image unless I hear that it is ok. (also currently using gfycat's wordlists and need to email them)

A submission for Make games. 143


Today I finished rewriting the code for the players, fixed z-sorting and began working on the item pickup. This is what it looks like right now but, like Goof Troop, you'll have a button to put your arms up at any time - you'll probably have to hold it in this game though.