Submissions from 2015-06-11 to 2015-06-12 (4 total)

A submission for Make games. 138

I was applying the conversation collision detection in two bad cases: before the conversation had actually started; and even if the player had never been a part of the conversation. These edge cases are not likely to come up in the actual game (locked conversations are probably going to be initiated when the player is already in range), but they could be potential bugs.

Been messing with particles for most of my free time.

I'm not too sure how to make a satisfying thruster system. Most games have a local particle system, but i like the idea of a small trail that's anchored in the world space. I'll try tilting the local particle system I have now to see how that looks.

Grad student Kate Wilson sits at base camp with her archaeology Professor Ernesto Diaz, guide Miguel Costa, and classmate Robin Jones discussing the next leg of their journey up the Mt Ausangate in Central Peru. There is supposedly a lost city of the Inca Empire at the top, although the actual details are vague. Why would the Incas build a city at the top of this lonely mountain? The Spanish invaders in the 16th century never found it, so why was it abandoned? What mysteries will the team uncover when they reach the top of...

The Mountain.

(A new point and click adventure game I'm making)

A submission for Make games. 138

Here's a small changelog:

- Implemented the second player (still missing the "walking up" sprite)
- Implemented screen scrolling effect
- Implemented a default position when players enter the next screen
- Like Goof Troop, you have to dig twice to make the holes full sized

The way the game works right now though is pretty simple, though. I will have to put all the tilemaps directly in the layout and have the objects load when the player walks into the tilemap that they are.

Right now the game is using 4 different tilemap objects - one for the floor, one transparent for holes, one for the collision layer and one for the top layer. I've tried loading tilemaps from json while in runtime in C2 before and it was pretty, so I decided to have all the tilemaps already drawn on the layout and have the player just scroll from one to another.