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I've been trying to improve my homing projectiles, and got stuck in some stupid math again. I swear i have half a brain, though!

My first one screen point and click adventure demo is finished. I finally settled on an art style and finished all the assets that I needed to create.

The only real error remaining is that one of the arrows displays incorrectly, but that is because I changed the game resolution a dozen times and screwed up the art asset.

I've compiled the game for Windows and attached it. Just extract the zip and run the TestGame.exe to play. If you run winsetup.exe it lets you configure some display settings. It doesn't install anything. If you want it bigger run WinSetup.exe then change the filter to 4x Nearest Neighbor, or whatever zoom you prefer.

EDIT - uploaded a new version. This one has some minor bug fixes, adds a status bar that shows you clickable areas, and changes the default resolution size but more importantly adds a couple pieces of dialog that make clearing the game possible. You might stumble onto the solution in the first build randomly, but it would require just random trying of things.

Explore Windows Version.zip1mb

A submission for Make games. 137

Still drawing the same mockup, once again I forgot about Streak Club after 2 days, WHY