Submissions from 2015-06-09 to 2015-06-10 (3 total)

Tabling the dynamic storytelling from my last post, and wanting to touch the code again, I made a conversation mode that locks you in and prevents you from leaving. I don't know if it's a tool I will use at all, and I certainly don't want to use it often, but there may be certain conversations that I will force the player to hear. At the very least, I can use it as scaffolding while building stuff before I add contingencies for when the player goes off script.

Got some new tiles from Thomas, and added them to the editor. The fact that the tiles are ordered differently forced me to update the way I handle tilesets, and now the editor is more robust.

(I hope this huge gif comes out okay)

Here's the start to my point and click adventure game. Graphics obviously unfinished, and you can't actually do anything other than walk around an empty room, talk to Fiona, and look at a placeholder art door. But it is something!

Viggo and Fiona journey to a sealed temple to prevent a something or other. (The plot needs a little fleshing out...)