Submissions from 2015-05-12 to 2015-05-13 (6 total)

I've been adding interposition and hiding behaviors to the enemies. Interposition will probably be used with mechs with shield abilities, while hiding will be a thing with sniper type mechs. I can't really test the hiding behavior though, since I don't have buildings or cover yet. So I know what I'm working on next!

A submission for Make games. 108

Fixed some bugs in HTA, also fixed the fact you could put any html right into that chat, but I kinda liked the formatting so I wrote a quick BBCode parser (just [img] [b] and [i] for now):

I also made it fully persistent, acidentally deleted history a couple times but it should stay now.

Worked on more explosion effects and converting RigidBody's AddExplosionForce to work with RigidBody2Ds.

I'll be a lot busier throughout the month because I'll be moving out of my place very soon, so I apologize in advance for the lack of juicy gifs. I will, however, do my best to work on something every single day and keep my streak going.

Also one day I'll find a name for this game.

Wasted a bunch of time getting shaders to work with Luxe. I was trying to figure out what attributes and uniforms the engine passes automatically and was having trouble finding it in the code. So I went to the example and followed it. Still nothing.

Eventually I ended up copying and pasting the code and shaders exactly. Still didn't compile correctly.

Then I tried to run the example directly. Blank screen. Ends up the shader example doesn't work in the latest version.

Grabbed another example and copied that one. Shaders are working fine now.

Then I wrote a shader that does this...

A submission for Make games. 108


Ugh. My updates last night to sort out adding games made a permanent change to my database (that I had not backed up) that I had not anticipated. Before I started tweaking the data model, every game in the database was given a unique id which was based on where that game came from. If it came from steam, it's id was "steam_235345". If it came from humble, it was "humble_AAwqefAWYD2". If it was gog, it was "gog_x_wing_alliance". But I tweaked my data model to keep the source-specific id tucked away in the sources:[] field, instead using the game's name as it's unique identifier. After all, eventually there should only be one entry for the game in my database, with a sources:[steam_id,humble_id] etc.

I forgot about that when I fixed the adding games feature. I was just giving the new, added games a game id based on their name and shoving them in. The result? Upon importing my steam library, any game I have purchased from humble and redeemed with a key on steam wiped away the humble entries replacing them with the steam entries.

Painful. This is why I want to perfect the data model before letting anyone else use my tool :) Once it's set, it's better to leave it set.

For now, I can just fix the add function to check if it is changing the source, and keep them as separate entries.

Pretty tired today, I haven’t done much.

Using integers instead of floats seems to do miracles for now, even if I have a few problems here and there. I’ll investigate later on that.

I’ll be out for some days so I’ll probably break my streak… :Þ