Submissions from 2015-04-13 to 2015-04-14 (6 total)

Still working on weapons. For whatever reason, shots spawn at a really weird offset somewhere in the middle of the map, instead of near the player like they should. As I rarely get more than an hour or two to work on this images and gifs will probably take a back seat in importance.

In other news, I've picked up a tablet and have begun practicing pixel art in order to fix my issue of never having art for my game ideas. So have an unfinished image I created using a reference I found via google.

Just added an end game to the pong practice I'm working on and

What do you know, I set up a soft deadline for myself and it made me kind of quit. Deadlines are toxic to me. I vow to never again set a deadline for myself, realistic or unrealistic. It just doesn't seem to work for my workflow for some reason. I suppose I haven't totally left development, as I have thought about my game here and there, but I've made no actual progress or done any development for almost 2 weeks.

Going forward, I'm going to continue with the original plan of doing something small each day, because it worked really well and got me a lot further with this game than I expected to.

Looking at my tickets and what might be fun, I've come up with a short (er, actually it looks long) brainstorm of things that might be fun to accomplish this week. Note to self: this is a list to pull from if I don't have any idea what to work on - this is NOT a list of goals I hope to accomplish by the end of the week! Or this month, or this year. Wherever things take me.

  • Fix textbox displays - if multiple people are talking at once, choose the most relevant textbox to show
  • More explicit/meaningful entrance and exit of conversations
  • Better gameplay for trapping animals
  • Dangerous animals?
  • Work on introduction content and fill out camp set-up
  • Figure out quests in the new system
  • AI has trouble doing multiple things at once - how to walk and talk
  • Mess with tiles and area design
  • Different types of wood with flamability check
  • Reexamine keyword system
  • Relationship modifiers
  • flag system or some way to track story progress/branch

I've made a ton of behind-the-scenes changes that I should really have written down. They include knocking guards and farmers in the air when getting hit, gibs that spew out of dead enemies, and showing item prices in the Build menu. Add a few dozen small improvements to how things work and there you have it.

On another note, I've had the concept below in my head since the jam period ended, so I might give them a shot in the future.

Here's an improvement on my earlier factory concept. This version reads better at smaller resolution and overall I like the design better. Influenced by Starcraft 2 Terran models. Next up: materials and textures.

Learning about how short stories are constructed and using that to figure out how to build narrative in games.