Submissions from 2015-04-12 to 2015-04-13 (4 total)

Day 7:

Weapons proving to be more difficult to implement than previously expected... One can only hope tomorrow I will fare better. Image supplies dangerously low, have yet to find a new source of pixels, lack of a web-based run-time is a severe hindrance to the search.

Day 8:

This is in the future, so unsure of what it will hold. Not actually sure why I chose to write this part of the entry today...

A submission for Make games. 78

Got shaders working at any screen size, that was hell, ugh, also tried to have layers without shaders and it just wasn't going well. I quit.

Only the splash screen and the first page is up for now. Still learning Unity and I'll get the rest of the "pages" up tomorrow.

EDIT: ...And I have to fix the dimensions of the web player. Web player dimensions fixed and remaining pages added. Interestingly, the game is actually in 3D because I initially planned to add moving characters and sound. It's such a small game, there was no real reason to switch it back to 2D. And I do hope to add graphics one day. Perhaps as practice for learning 3D modeling.

EDIT: Converted the game to a WebGL build, now it doesn't crash my computer. Unfortunately, it seems like the controls (pressing the SPACE bar) don't work unless you're in fullscreen.

I started working on a much-needed new enemy, called the hunter (again, name might change in the future). They run faster than guards and even the player, so you'll want to beef up your defenses to deal with them. They also like spawning behind the slower roamers, using them as meatshields until they can close in.

Work-in-progress animations below :)