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I started working on a much-needed new enemy, called the hunter (again, name might change in the future). They run faster than guards and even the player, so you'll want to beef up your defenses to deal with them. They also like spawning behind the slower roamers, using them as meatshields until they can close in.

Work-in-progress animations below :)

Today is Saturday, so it's time for lots of beer and tons of Diablo 3. I've made some art though! I wrapped up the running animation for a new enemy (codenamed 'Hunter' for now). This cute little critter runs faster than bullets and has four eyes that allow it to track anything in the dark.

I also made a background for UI elements, that I nine-slice using Kyle Pulver's NineSlice class for Flashpunk. I wanted it to look monitory-y so I changed the font color to a blueish tone that I think fits pretty well.

Have a great weekend!