Submissions from 2015-03-14 to 2015-03-15 (4 total)


A submission for Make games. 49

Added a "drag" mode to objects which is more forceful than the previous follow action. It can be used on the player as well, and is going to be the primary way for opponents to impede the player's progress. "You aren't supposed to be in this room! I'm taking you to your handler!"

Just started on this 5th "tileset" for the planets, this one is a bit more abstract, u can't really tell what this is, but I kinda like it, :D

A submission for Make games. 49

After several hours of digging into the source of the engine I use to try and pin down why I couldn't build my game since my windows reinstall, I figured out I installed haxe from an outdated not much time wasted.