Submissions from 2015-03-12 to 2015-03-13 (4 total)

Nothing really to show, it was pretty much all in my head.

Unfortunately, today I had some problems with my PC, but don't worry, I'm keeping backups for Crystal Kingdom in 2 different places. :) I only did some minor improvements, hoping to do more tomorrow.

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Yesterday's update can be found here.
In a case of any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me here or on twitter. ;)


A submission for Make games. 47

Hello everyone. This is a goodbye message. I've been reading documentations and programming a bit for the last couple days, but I lack the knowledge to create a full 3d game. Right now I don't have enough time to code every day. I will continue to learn Java though and hopefully I'll return in the future and either start a different project or redevelop CONTINUUM ENGINE.

I found my bug that was causing the Flash port of my Mass Battle game not work properly. At one point I was casting a generic Entity into a specific data type. There is a chance that this cast could fail. Neko handles this failure gracefully and resolves the object to a null, which works fine with my code. Flash just crashes. Granted, this is my fault for an unsafe cast, but it was a pain to track down.

I also learned that when I updated my FlashPlayer recently it didn't update the debugger, so I wasn't getting the error. That lead me to believe I was stuck in an infinite loop and lead me down the wrong path for a while.

If you want to move around some stuff and see it working you can hit the Flash demo today: