Submissions from 2015-02-24 to 2015-02-25 (6 total)

I drew two new enemies today.

Beep boop.

So, not much time today, but I was able to get the camera work tonight.

The min and max on the x and y are calculated for entities, and then that is used to::

  • Determine the center point to "Look At"
  • Determine the scale at which to draw the scene at


Check it out working on youtube!

This was a quite productive day.
I did some AI studying and programming and started thinking about creating a save/load system. After reading a few articles about possible implementations, I decided what would be the best option for Crystal Kingdom and what information should be saved. Tomorrow I'll start making it and hopefully even finish it (for the current state of the game). :)

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Yesterday's update can be found here.
In a case of any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me here or on twitter. ;)

Today I messed around in Bugland a whole lot. It sucked, but was kinda interesting visually ^^ Oh and I made these kinda bouncy balls that turn into planets. lol

That darn fox. He keeps running away from me, I don't want to hurt him! I keep shouting at him not to mind about the bear trap that I so carefully placed next to the cute little pond, but he just keeps using his very poorly but quickly coded "flee" ai routine. I guess the refugees won't be able to eat tonight.

At least the new smooth camera makes my attempt a little more exciting.