So, not much time today, but I was able to get the camera work tonight.

The min and max on the x and y are calculated for entities, and then that is used to::

  • Determine the center point to "Look At"
  • Determine the scale at which to draw the scene at


Check it out working on youtube!

Seppi · 6 years ago

@nico - Lerping will be next! I will probably use hump.timer.tween. Thanks!

@saluk - I noticed the other day! Small world, huh? Are you using some form of lerp?

saluk · 6 years ago

@Seppi - nice! As different as our games are we both worked on camera stuff today.

Nico · 6 years ago

nice work:D I assume there'll be some lerping of some kind eventually on the camera movement?(:

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