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As I announced yesterday in the comment, Zoidberg came to the Dungeon. Not actually in game right now, but he will be. He'll be the weakest in-game enemy. I don't specialize in graphics, but I think he's not bad.

An older version/doodle of Fatima from The Texture of Love found here ==> Need to come back to this one

So I've been working on a bunch of ships, this time I tried to change the style up a bit. Worked out pretty well!

My progression can be fully followed here:

A submission for Make games. 25

git reset --hard

If you get it, you get it, that's how well my work went.

I added an animal into my scene, with slightly different behavior than the humans. For one thing, he is a little skittish, moving around a lot more. For another, his movement speed is much higher. The extra fun thing about having a high movement speed is you find bugs you never would have known about. The pathfinding for the fox kind of broke everything, so I've spent a lot of time making the different movement speeds work well together. It's a little painful but it will pay off in the end. I hope.


A submission for Make games. 25

Here's the logo!

(More behind the scenes stuff today)

Today I started to create notifications to display players information in a (hopefully) non-intrusive way. I added a gif to show you how it currently looks like. Also, some minor improvements were done, for example making text red when the number it is displaying is negative.

Yesterday's update can be found here.
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