Submissions from 2015-02-04 to 2015-02-05 (11 total)

A submission for Make games. 11

Today I did: NPC reacting to the player leaving in the middle of a conversation.

Back to my plan:

1) Conversation object which detects when player is near or not: DONE

2) Assign a simple linear script to the conversation, no special character animation, just lines: DONE

3) Make conversation ensure that all actors are summoned to it's area on conversation start: DONE

4) Character speaking direction changes according to who they are responding to: BUGGY

5) Generic interrupt section can be assigned to a conversation: DONE TODAY

6) Ability to insert specific interrupts on each line of conversation: not yet

Number 6 is going to be important to actually allow the player to say things to change the flow of the conversation. After that, the system will be functional for the game, although it's lacking a ton in polish.

Here is the conversation script shown in the GIF:

  ["mother","My poor boy. What is it?"],
  ["mother","I'm sorry your legs are hurting."],
  ["mother","Can't rest until the tracker says it's time."],
  ["mother","He says the danger is still out there."],
  ["mother","Considering what we have left, I believe it."]
  ["mother","It's ok if you don't talk to me, go explore."],
  ["mother","Just be safe, OK?"]

When the player walks at least 100 units away, the script switches to the lines defined by "replace_lines". When I implement step 6 though I'll be able to expand this dialog to allow the player to choose the conversation topic after the first line in response to the mother's question.

A submission for Make games. 11

So uh, still no game stuff to show, but, this is my streak so I'm hijacking it to say 1) I'm done exams so I just have to force myself to get back to work on the game in the next couple days, and 2) I've been working on my toy interpreter, and it now supports variables (integers and strings, by value or reference (though everything is stored as a string in memory lol)), if statements, print statements, input statements, and just tonight I got while statements in (that was much more complex). Now this may not sound that amazing to you, but its been a goal of mine for a long time to understand parsers enough to implement just a toy language, and after much reading its finally kinda clicked and things are progressing amazingly smoothly (problem is, its moving smoother than the game so I have to force myself to go back). Anyway yeah, I'm achieving goals, while managing to feel bad about doing it, lol.

Didn't have much time tonight to work on pathfinding (to have them walk a path across each tile to their destination), but I put in the highlighting and click to move in a straight line to the end tile. More prototyping fun :)

remaking the ggj portion of the game, just cleaner and more flexible. tomorrow should have some combat in, with a new upgrade system implemented.

Polished up and submitted Murder with Friends to 1GAM. A fair amount of frantic coding, but what can you do. Currently trying to decide whether to continue with the project or move on. We'll see.

Now the player loses control when he or she runs into an enemy, just like in the original "One Room Dungeon."

Today I worked on replacing the hardcoded "click tile to make it grass" functionality with proper editor tools. Along with this I started laying the foundations for the editor UI with brush switching.

No screenshot today.

hello everyone! i've started making a simple physics platformer :)

one feature i would like to build around is various types of gel, like in the game portal


added a simple map manager (also the game is made using Lua and LOVE2D)

Today I Started work on fleshing out the rules of a card game.

So far it's a trick taking or point based game based on planting and harvesting seeds on a planet where the seasons are random.

Currently It's a 2 player game with a standard deck of cards.

The Face Cards represent the seasons. You plant during one season and harvest during another. Seasons are grouped by suit color. So you plant clubs on a club face card and harvest when a spade face card becomes active and vice versa. The player with most harvested points wins. Points are currently the number value of the card.


Remove face cards from deck and shuffle the separated decks.

With the shuffled face cards make 4 piles between the players.

Each player draws 5 cards from the number deck

Choose a player to start.

Each turn consists of the following phases:

Change season

Harvest Points

Plant cards

Draw Up to 5 card limit.

Next Up: Flesh out each action with more explanation.

As expected today has been taken up mostly with project planning with my collaborator and artist on this project. We've set up a couple of Trello boards to support this project, and I'm in the process of writing up some Tumblr blog posts.

Tomorrow should be back to coding, and I will try and figure out the best way to structure the project to deal with lag.

Just so this isn't yet another boring text post, some of the concept art that was made for the game.