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I've been researching a little bit more about streaming services, but have been too busy to work on the game in the past few days. Tonight my mind started to wander with zombie themes (been watching a lot of zombie movies lately) so I sketched out some brief ideas to not feel totally unproductive.

A submission for Make games. 9

Today I read a bit about behavior trees, didn't realize quite how much more complex they are vs fsms... anyway still in exam week so trying to not get too distracted, so thats all I did. yeah.

I know I keep posting documentation updates. It's getting there. I had a busy class day today too, so give me a break! :)

Worked on a mockup of Fatal Allure's texbox and two completed sprites, along with cleaning Elvis' sketch from ASA!

A submission for Make games. 9

Planning counts! I am going to post for today my plan to integrate the conversation system I brainstormed last week. I am also going to attempt when I get home today to see how much I can do and post a gif.


1) Conversation object which detects when player is near or not (test with just having a textbox on that conversation that shows when you are near, and hides when you are not)

2) Assign a simple linear script to the conversation, no special character animation, just lines

3) Make conversation ensure that all actors are summoned to it's area on conversation start

If I get to 3 I will consider today a success and be proud of it :)


4) Character speaking direction changes according to who they are responding to

5) Generic interrupt section can be assigned to a conversation, where player action will either A) end the conversation, or B) switch the conversation script

6) Ability to insert specific interrupts on each line of conversation

Bonus steps I will aim to complete tomorrow.

Walls are in the game, and the player and enemies cannot move through them.

We've just hit the working week and suddenly the time I have available to code goes right down!

An offline options have been added to the game. This will allow single player and local multiplayer matches to be played offline either on one keyboard or with one or more controllers (controller support yet to be added).

Coming up tomorrow: I start to implement the actual game play.