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I've been researching a little bit more about streaming services, but have been too busy to work on the game in the past few days. Tonight my mind started to wander with zombie themes (been watching a lot of zombie movies lately) so I sketched out some brief ideas to not feel totally unproductive.

Looked into Hitbox for streaming because they advertise about a 2 second delay compared to Twitch's 18. Unfortunately they don't use IRC, but HTML5 websockets instead. So I either need to design around the longer delay, giving me an easier setup, or research websockets and how to connect and read the chat data from them.

Since I hit that roadblock tonight I decided to draw/write out some ideas to get something in for today's streak submission. These are just general things that I talked about with some of the other team members at work today. I'm glad I at least jotted them down so I don't forget them.