Submissions from 2015-01-31 to 2015-02-01 (5 total)

A submission for Make games. 7

Kind of a slow day today. All I did was some very minor code cleanup and a few small bugs really. Most significant is storing the cutscene in the map file rather than in the mainloop, so that when I change maps it plays the appropriate cutscene. I had hoped to build out the conversation system (moving from a very precise micro-managed cutscene script to a more reactive conversation system as I mentioned in a previous update) but I didn't get around to it today. Still, the streak continues, which makes me happy.

Staying familiar with the code is one of the most important things to do I think, even when progress is slow.

Tomorrow, super bowl, but I might do some light coding during the slow parts.

Documentation weekend is almost over! It's really tedious but in the long run it will help immensely. Here's a screenshot of our wiki homepage. Got a lot done, did the high concept, game description and half of the gameplay. Tomorrow is story!

Today, I've finally implemented gravity, jumping and collision with floor. And I think I fixed some of the enemys bugs. Not sure. Still can't get him to render properly. Gravitational acceleration seems to correspond to the earthly 9.83 m/s^2. I haven't been trying to make it realistic and I might make gravity more Quake-like. No pic today, as it is hard to capture acceleration on a still image.

The slime now leaps high into the air, off the screen, and crash down where the player was when it started to jump.

In the original One Room Dungeon, Slimes would jump around on-screen, traveling in arcs. Slimes could not be hit or hit the player when they were in the air. Players did not understand this, and many losses were because of the confusing Slime movement.

To remedy this, slimes now leave the screen and re-enter. This should make it easier to tell when the slime is down on the ground and read to hit, or in the air and ready to strike.

I may go back and tweak how the slime's jumps work, but now I have something to build off of.

A day learning about RPC calls and player management in the Photon Cloud networking environment.

Perhaps tomorrow some networked game-play