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**All visual mediums are welcome.
***Posting deadline is 12:00midnight Pacific (3:00am Eastern // 8:00am UTC)

Your pieces must be inspired by gemstones/rocks. I'll be doing birthstone dragons! You can join me and do dragons or magical girls or mermaids... or just draw the stones... Whatever you want!

Here is my list for the streak. You can follow along or create your own list.

  • Jan 8: Garnet
  • Jan 9: Amethyst
  • Jan 10: Aquamarine
  • Jan 11: Diamond
  • Jan 12: Emerald
  • Jan 13: Pearl
  • Jan 14: Ruby
  • Jan 15: Peridot
  • Jan 16: Sapphire
  • Jan 17: Opal
  • Jan 18: Topaz
  • Jan 19: Turquoise
  • Jan 20: Tiger Eye
  • Jan 21: Onyx
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I was inspired by the various colors of onyx. Black of course is the most well-known, and the sardonyx (red) variety is beautiful as well. This illustration will take place in the dark of night (for onyx) and her dress, gemstone clasps, and fairy lights will be red for sardonyx.


A submission for Gemstones 14

Onyx dragons do not have wings but are extremely speedy on land. They can run for several hours without slowing down. They represent stamina and self-discipline.

Thank you for joining me on this streak! It was fun drawing with friends. <3 I'll host more streaks in the future and hope to see your drawings again!

Today I tried to draw a model wearing a tiger eye necklace for a jewelry ad. I don't think I quite got the ambiance - her pose is too stiff, for one thing - but I'm happy I was able to draw it quickly and that her knit shirt turned out so well. ^u^ My hand was feeling better, so I was able to take the picture a bit further and completed the flats. I'm looking forward to shading it at some point.

Tiger's Eye dragons are tiny but are determined and brave. They represent stability and willpower.


A submission for Gemstones 13

Apologies for not uploading regularly to the streak! I've been kind of exhausted with freelance projects and upcoming zine work. I want to catch back on all of the ones that I missed properly. |PB


A submission for Gemstones 12

Turquoise dragons are found in the clouds, making them a challenge to see unless you actively search for one. They represent good fortune and success.

Turquoise is known for its protective properties. I imagine it's perfect to make an amulet for those you love. The child in this picture has a turquoise amulet and bracelet given to her by her parents and grandparents.

Unfortunately my hand is a bit cramped, so just the pencil sketch tonight and probably for the last two days as well. I'll take it easy and do the inking and coloring after it's had a chance to rest a bit. ^u^

She said that topazes always reminded her of autumn, when the maple leaves fell. It was her favorite time of year.

Another sketch day. . . This piece more melancholy than most of my works, though I like to think that there is a happy side to it as well. If I color it, I'm thinking of doing the wall in a cool tone (light blue), the table in either natural wood or painted white, so the topaz ring and bright red maple leaf will pop. At the same time, I want the colors to fit together harmoniously, so we'll see what looks best.


A submission for Gemstones 11

Topaz dragons are very protective of smaller and weaker dragons. They can be very dangerous when angered, although they prefer to avoid conflict. They represent nurturing and affection.

My favorite bird!!! I used the brown marker first and colored in around them. The face is in opposite order first, colorpencils first and then markers. The colors I used were the bright ones, and later dulled them gently with an eraser. For the white spaces, I lightly colored them with a silver color pencil.

The feathers are the same concept from the Diamond throated Humming bird, but not in the same iridescent scale.

Today's concept comes courtesy of Mom, who suggested I do animals whose eyes glow like opals. Thank you, Mom!

Opal dragons come in many different colors and patterns. This fire opal dragon is very enthusiastic and wild. They inspire creativity and confidence.

I spent a lot of time of this one because my last three dragons were simple in design. I think fire opal is my favorite dragon so far!!

Sorry for all the WIPs! It's my fault for taking on too many projects at once but I definitely plan on finishing them all! I did a few studies of a Sapphire Throne-Room

Apparently, in the past sapphires were believed to be a medicinal gem that could cure stomachache, colic, and other complaints.* So here we have an apothecary who has mixed up a sapphire tincture for a patient!

Today I'm posting the pencil sketch. (I normally do the sketch in pencil, then ink it digitally for coloring.)



A submission for Gemstones 9

Sapphire dragons are calmer than their ruby counterparts. Although they are also excellent flyers, they are more likely to be found resting on clouds and watching the world below. They represent relaxation and wisdom.

Long Tailed Widowbird have red color feathers. I used markers over the sketches.

I used this photo for reference:


A submission for Gemstones 8

Peridot dragons are always very dozing off. They are often found sunbathing on soft patches of grass. They encourage sleep and inner peace.

I'm very happy with how the lines turned out to create the shape. and outlines of the feathers. I've been wanting to to use a lighter color as a n outline other than black.

Ruby WIP

A submission for Gemstones 8

A phoenix aviary! Catching upp!!

Peridot is the first gem in the streak that I don't think I've seen before. When I looked it up, the color reminded me of clovers, so today we have a four-leaf clover!

Today I was able to take the painting a bit further than a sketch, and did a color test. I'm looking forward to finishing this piece when I have the time!

I love Bleeding Heart Doves. I used markers and outlines the gems with a micron pen.


A submission for Gemstones 7

Ruby dragons are very energetic flyers and spend most of their time in the air. They represent passion and devotion. They are related to sapphire dragons.

Today's portrait is of the Lady of Rubies, daughter of the Diamond Queen and heir apparent to her mother's throne. Normally sweet and diplomatic, she has a cunning side that few have seen. It will serve her well when she rules the kingdom.

I will be a little late completing this submission! I will try to get to it as quickly as I can on my day off tommorow |PB

The eyes on the feathers are pearls in different colors. It was kind of difficult to pick the colors for pearls since they reflect, but not too much. I used color pencils and used a grey stabilo pen to outline the pearls so that they would look softer.

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