🌻 Hi! My name is Heather Franzen Rutten and I draw with colored pencils.

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watercolor + colored pencil! I did this all in one sitting and am pretty proud of it

I'd scan this but I'm in a hurry out the door! I hope you have a lovely Friday night

Starting off May Flowers streak with a monkey because it's also the prompt for this month's Pinch Punch Post on Twitter!



A submission for Gemstones 14

Onyx dragons do not have wings but are extremely speedy on land. They can run for several hours without slowing down. They represent stamina and self-discipline.

Thank you for joining me on this streak! It was fun drawing with friends. <3 I'll host more streaks in the future and hope to see your drawings again!

Tiger's Eye dragons are tiny but are determined and brave. They represent stability and willpower.


A submission for Gemstones 12

Turquoise dragons are found in the clouds, making them a challenge to see unless you actively search for one. They represent good fortune and success.


A submission for Gemstones 11

Topaz dragons are very protective of smaller and weaker dragons. They can be very dangerous when angered, although they prefer to avoid conflict. They represent nurturing and affection.

Opal dragons come in many different colors and patterns. This fire opal dragon is very enthusiastic and wild. They inspire creativity and confidence.

I spent a lot of time of this one because my last three dragons were simple in design. I think fire opal is my favorite dragon so far!!


A submission for Gemstones 9

Sapphire dragons are calmer than their ruby counterparts. Although they are also excellent flyers, they are more likely to be found resting on clouds and watching the world below. They represent relaxation and wisdom.


A submission for Gemstones 8

Peridot dragons are always very dozing off. They are often found sunbathing on soft patches of grass. They encourage sleep and inner peace.


A submission for Gemstones 7

Ruby dragons are very energetic flyers and spend most of their time in the air. They represent passion and devotion. They are related to sapphire dragons.


A submission for Gemstones 6

Pearl dragons are very delicate and gentle. They encourage oysters to create more pearls by planting grains of sand in as many as they can find. They represent purity and joy.


A submission for Gemstones 5

Emerald dragons are playful and curious, which sometimes gets them into trouble with larger and impatient dragons. They represent youthfulness and energy.


A submission for Gemstones 4

Diamond dragons (like real diamonds) are very resilient and can headbutt their way through anything. They also wrap their wings around themselves as a shield. Due to their durability and strength they represent leadership and fearlessness.

Aquamarine dragons often come to the aid of lost sailors. At night their fins glow a soft sea green. They represent hope and empathy.


A submission for Gemstones 2

Amethyst dragons are sturdy and strong. They represent tranquility and clarity.
This is the dragon in my Gemstones banner!


A submission for Gemstones 1

Garnet dragons are docile with cat-like personalities. They represent friendship and loyalty and are often found in groups.

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