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Necromancy is a powerful ability that can be learned and strengthened over time. Necromancers often team up with Ghost witches (see section 3) and/or Blood witches (section 1).

-Forms of Magical Ability for the Questioning Witch.

Beastmasters are often born with a natural ability and attraction towards one animal. They could also be born with mutations correlating to their ability, However these mutations could apear once they hit puberty or after developing their ability

-Forms of Magical Ability for the Questioning Witch.

Royalty in the witchery world has been chosen by ancestors of witchcraft. The American magic community is lead by a queen, who is strongly advised by a council. The queen (fig. 8) is the one who makes the last decision regarding laws and criminal cases.

-The History of Witch-Kind

Space magic is powerful magic form of magic that choices ita user, unlike most forms of magic. The user if often shy and smart. If the user wished, they could survive anywhere in the universe, often mistake for gods in developing planets.

-Forms of Magical Ability for the Questioning Witch. (A textbook)

Candy magic refers to anything that has to do with sweets. Cakes, cupcakes, soda and regular candy all fall under the powers of a candy witch. Usually chosen by people pleasers and people with sweet personalities.

-Forms of Magical Ability for the Questioning Witch. (A textbook)

there are plenty of fairy like creatures. The nocturnal Night Pixies are elusive and can change size at will.

- Beasts, Creatures and Monsters

The history of wizardry gangs have lead to powerful wizard and witch hierarchies of power. By selling contraband magical creatures and illegally made wands and potions the strongest gang has become the wicked power gang with their unnamed leader (fig. 11).

-The History of Witch-kind

No, I'll just kill you with the power of cute.

no THIS is my favorite drawing of my lif

"The most powerful form of magic is found in blood. However the thirst for and use of blood makes this magic taboo."

-Forms of Magical Ability for the Questioning Witch. (A textbook)

originally wanted to do a tape measure strangling someone but I was not feeling the art thing.

I think it turned out cute tho.

I just wanted her to have a tape measure around her waist...


A submission for Witch-Tober 6

I regretted the symmetry almost immediately..

probably my favorite drawing of my lif

get the new fashion. Purrfect to wear under cloaks and other witchery wears. Makes it was to pick up men without a love potion.

Phoenix feathers

Dragons teeth

Even love potions.

All worth their fair price

(merchant witch )

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