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Gender: comedy, action, puzzles, Adventure game, laughs
Audience: for people that action and comedy come together and form an unforgettable adventure

Platform: PlayStation 4, Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Mac OS

Description of the game: The game is based on a character called gabriel where he spends a night in a restaurant on Thursday where they were celebrating because his best friend Carl and his girlfriend Lusi are getting married when he teaches her a ring worth 500 million dollars bathed in several sapphires and emeralds and I did not buy it, he gave a vagabond that ring in exchange for a bag of potatoes that he bought when he went out to eat, and as expected they were drinking beers when his friend gave up vomiting, he drops his wallet and I "keep" it for him. After that, now he will have to overcome a lot of tests to travel through time and fix that mistake he made before it's too late.

The character moves with the mouse, with the left button make it move from place to place and with the right the actions come out as you observe in detail and at the bottom you will have a small diary where you show the missions, something of the story that happens and the objects that you collect so far. And at the end of each day you will sleep, but again it will be Friday as you will always have to pick up the newspaper to know what happens day after day although it is still Friday.You will be able to interact with others so that they have objects but Once in a while you will have to do it a favor in return depending on what you like. Although it is the same city of new york and there is a loop against time, there are small changes and a mystery to solve.

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