You can play the Full Game Here

Nico8 years ago

this looks great! I'll be checking this out later:D

MrTedders8 years ago

@Bobbo Thanks for playing and I'm happy you enjoyed it!

Yeah I'm surprised it showed through that much. A knife made of whispers made me fall in love with static based shaders.

I was thinking about speeding up the static because of the distraction but I guess I should have gone through with it.

Thanks for the feedback!

Bobbo8 years ago

Ok, just finished it. I loved the atmosphere and how the sound and music added to the whole experience.

Overall the puzzles were pretty easy, but you introduced the different elements of the game at a good pace. I almost feel like these would have been introductory levels to teach you how all the elements work together then more complex levels would follow. The last level in particular I thought was really cool and required you to put together all the things you had learned, plus do one new thing which was unexpected but made sense.

I like the minimal look, although the static was a little visually distracting. I can appreciate the style though. Did you base your shader from the one in A Knife Made of Whispers? It very much reminded me of that.

Great job!

MrTedders8 years ago

@saluk Thanks for the feedback. Yea, I felt like the visuals could have used some work too but I got bored of the game so I stopped bothering :P

For the possession you only needed to hold the button but I agree a simple press would be more intuitive.

But for real, thanks for playing <3 I'm glad you enjoyed it

saluk8 years ago

Very clever! The effect is cool, but feels a little laggy still. It could be because I'm not playing with sound, but I feel like I have to spam the possession button to get it to work. The visual feedback is a little lacking somehow.

But the game is awesome. I love all the different words you came up with for "press c to ..."

MrTedders8 years ago

@Bobbo Sorry about that! Should be fixed now.

Bobbo8 years ago

I really wanted to play this. But the link looks like it is just blue text and I can't click on it.. :(

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I still have a long way to go when it comes to story writing.

The battle half is super robust and Im happy with how it turned out. Now I gotta work on the platforming side

I finished the battle system. The spells are working exactly like I hoped they would. Which means awesome things ahead

I'm extremely excited with this game. It's turning out better than I hoped.

Its also been the biggest programming project I've ever done outside of my earliest projects. Its nice having something ambitious, something to light my fire

This was my first time coding anything rpgish so it was a bit of a challenge but I think its coming along pretty well.

This game feels super out of my comfort zone, never scoped anything this complex or big before but I like it. Its fun.

Finally got around to making my first dialogue system and seeing as how flexible it turned out to be, I think I did alright.

I also made it so that the pallet could be changed

I have big plans for this game. I might be in over my head but I'm excited about the concept so screw it. I'm gonna have fun.

A lot of today was designing and doing art but tomorrow will be a huge jump in gamestuff. Hopefully.

I spent today adding more to the game but I couldnt find a way to make it interesting so I'm done with it.

Trying to get back to basics with my games mechanics and see what I can do with simple game interactions. Atmosphere became a big thing and also trying to make things more visually interesting became a huge issue. Heres some results from today.

Missed a bunch of these but I was out of ideas. heres something new

The game is complete, Gonna spend tomorrow polishing and it will be out sometime in the night

Almost done. Just finishing up the story and sound, then menus

I spent today finishing off stuff to make levels with. Tomorrow is level making time!

I also played with my shader a bit

Im trying to do a game a week to work on my polishing and acutally finishing games skill so should be done this soon

Tryin to get better at finishing/polishing games. So gonna owrk on this for 2 more days or so

Made a little thing today. Gonna maybe work on it more tomorrow.

Sorry I didnt update this weekend. didnt have internet. but heres a game I made in 72 hours.

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Spent the day learning some stuff so I was ready for indies vs gamers tomorrow

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