The second one is kinda looking weird but i couldnt get it right after many tries so i gave up,better to move on :p

Glentgm · 319 days ago

@snailtendo Well,i just learned how to rearrenge the shapes more easily,the thing is to get used to it and make the process faster when drawing from shapes,also kinda get better at getting the right proportion from looking at it,since im just on the beginning of a hundred pokemons i dont see much improvement yet

snailtendo · 319 days ago

Nice studies!!! Have you learned anything so far?

Ashly · 319 days ago

that entire evolutionary line is A++++ and these drawings are too!

jasontomlee · 320 days ago

It looks like a baby Requaza pokemon! great design

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I hadn't much time today so it looks a bit meh,but its ok

Im gonna be doing some study on pokemons,my plan is to do all the ones from unova's region,today is Snivy and Servine

I tried to make a random character,not bad for first try i would say,but a lot to improve yet

im having lot of fun drawing hands with power lol,usually people dont like to draw hands but it is kinda fun for me

I was going to post this yesterday but i took too long to finish

just some head studies,not much today

Just drawing what comes into my mind so i don't stay without drawing

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