i wanted to color but i started drawing late. woof

we lost an hour of sleep because of daylight savings that's so lame

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I'm still recovering from DST

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lessbe honesssttt

(i'm gay)

le's expression is mood

did some real drawing today

i can't find this song i heard in the background of a video and now i'm just eternally upset

i'm sorry friends i betrayed you. i didn't draw yesterday. but i will continue going on forward. forgive me

this is a rough concept of an older version of amber in a diff outfit.

hands are evil do we need them????

look at me, i tried today. i figured since i'm devoting more time to writing, i might as well keep doing figures. am i even getting better? i dunno.

i don't feel like drawing, maybe i should take a break?

writing is hard. harder than drawing

gonna do this for a few days

been focusing more on writing. have reached a weird lull in drawing

this is just a joke picture i drew to entertain myself, lol. sterling is a shithead

i waited too long. not really in a good mental headspace to draw

may is chugging along

i'm not ready for the week to start no mom

some wip i guess. i should've done more but i didn't feel like it. i don't like the face, but i'm too lazy to correct it

brain: we should get to working on those other character designs
brain: hey what did cyr look like when he was younger?

almost forgot to submit, lol. this is probably the only gym leader i haven't drawn? his name is vasquez, normal-type gym leader and cow poke.

i'm sorta at a loss with his design. this is as far as i had planned in my head.

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