drawing pokemon to try to practice shading and some lineart

More submissions by aromoma for Daily Art Club

A submission by aromoma for Daily Art Club

i'm so angry i halfassed the background then i forgot to fucking save before i closed it

A submission by aromoma for Daily Art Club

okay so coloring fire is kinda fun

A submission by aromoma for Daily Art Club

this was harder to draw than it looked, lol. i also went with a slightly different palette for beedo because it looked better to my eye

bonus beedo below for u ash, ur welcom

i drew this for a friend

amber would probably introduce her friends like "and these are my followers"

i end up being really proud of my warm up sketches sometimes i should post those more

i had fun coloring her...

revisited this sketch. leaning towards the short-sleeved dress

i always get consistent for like a week then i mess it up

i remember why i hate summer when the bugs come back

everybody together

i just wanted to draw her again 🥺 👉👈

edit: i also drew other girls

almost forgot to post. i like the palette for hans (on the left) better than fletcher's.

oh above them are their family crests

i used a different brush than i normally do to sketch and eh...

this is more for me than for anyone else

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