The work I've been doing at my internship is helping me to refine my understanding of InDesign and I am actually beginning to enjoy using the program! I'm going to use it to build a more complete branding kit for myself, including a more useful layout for my livestreams and signs and other branding collateral. I'm slowly getting more confident in drawing bodies in motion, so I can finally make some cute graphics for streams and social media!

I couldn't get 100 figures done today. I had to settle for 40 and some decent rest!

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...My hand's starting to cramp up sometimes. I try to hold my pen gently while drawing, but the pinky side of my hand gets sore still. I must evaluate how I am doing my work and adjust.

I've been on a diet for a few weeks and am down 24 lbs from my starting weight of 220 lbs! I'm aiming for 150, though with my muscle mass I am not sure whether or not I'll get there. We'll see! Onward...

I managed to get 100 hands done as well, but only got 52 feet done. Too tired to continue.

Ended up drinking coffee to get more work out of myself today. 40 figures, 100 feet today, and a stream to get a long standing commission done. Once I get a Surface Book I am going to use Art Rage to do interstitial sketch commissions as a palate cleanser.

I fell asleep while I was trying to post today's entry. Been exhausted. Onward...

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