The work I've been doing at my internship is helping me to refine my understanding of InDesign and I am actually beginning to enjoy using the program! I'm going to use it to build a more complete branding kit for myself, including a more useful layout for my livestreams and signs and other branding collateral. I'm slowly getting more confident in drawing bodies in motion, so I can finally make some cute graphics for streams and social media!

I couldn't get 100 figures done today. I had to settle for 40 and some decent rest!

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I did a lot of things today, including finally nailing down a preliminary sketch for my 9 major OCs! Onward!

The likeness of this self portrait is ok, but I had lots of proportion issues while I was drawing it. Heads are a thing I need to start practicing more directly -- I've been focused on arms and legs a lot as of late.

burnt out today. drew hand drawings on paper.

Streamed for 11 hours today. Commissions and figure drawings. Onward!

Today was the first day of my new internship. I worked on a logo and branding materials for the company I'm working at. I don't know if it is okay to show what I did today so I will stick with the figure drawing I did today.

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