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Today's work has been done in the sketchbook. Onward...

I beat Mega Man 11. I wish all the earlier games were remade in this style with this level of detail, especially silly details about the Robot Masters like their manufacturer and other nonsense.
Also, I did a commission today, and trained some of my friends to be a spillover backup for me in case I am indisposed.

It only took 30 or so years but there's a black guy in the main Mega Man games at long last. It's all I ever wanted!

InDesign Scripting gives me a headache but I am doing my best to wrap my head around it. Onward...

I've been trying to figure out how to do decent assets for top down views for... quite a long time. I just learned that the specific view I'm looking for is achieved through axonometric projection, and I'm still trying to wrap my head around this new information. Once I have it down, I can finally generate assets beyond just characters! How exciting!

My work chair suddenly split in half on me! Guess I gotta stand until I can replace it.

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