average day. Some absent-minded solves while on a company call pulled my average down.

More submissions by tenpn for Rubiks speed solves

super busy and tired with work so only just getting back into it

The progression here has been swift. Starting a new puzzle is like starting a new game of civ!

On the reddit comp for this week. I did a pb on last week's comp too - the solves seem easier? Maybe it's just luck.

this is going well! Still with my own algs. Feel like I can get it down to 25.

want to learn this intuitively, so haven't looked anything up. took a day to figure out how to consistently solve.

Weird day where my warmups were superfast, then I did the reddit weekly compo and got <60s, which I was happy with, then my regular tracked solves went to shit. All over 1:10. Then I took a break, came back, and did this, with 4 sub 50s. Who knows?

still struggling to do daily entries after my holiday. LL training goes slow! This came from a nice scramble in a string of high-50 solves.

finally learning 2-look LL and urgh alg memorisation is hard. This is why I've not been posting.

despite jetlag, hit a pb. In fact it was a weird streak: a mix of sub-50s and plus-60s.

two sub-50s in a row, including fractions off a pb. and I thought i was tired and ill!

lots of interruptions because of milestone day

working a bit on lookahead but it's haaar

A little practice as I watched kiddo and her friend eat tea together

only time for a few solves today, after returning from rezze

decent day. Solidifying my sub 60 times. 1.10 feels like failure right now.

Still not quite back to the mojo of last week but this is much better.

man completely lost that zone I was in last week. Too many 70s+ solves.

funny how I can measure tiredness through solves. Fingers in bad places for tricks, not spotting f2l placements fast enough.

Rubiks speed solves

Solve a 3x3 Rubik's cube every day, post your times

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