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A lot of time has been spent on various different projects as far as the Decade Jam goes. But I will break the content down below.

  1. Decade Engine
    The Decade Engine has been going a bit slower then I'd like but I've been refining the idea as everyday passes. At the moment the idea revolves around building an application on top of Firefox, which will manage launching various open source software and accessing the two marketplaces I'd like to have. This application will then be run in Qubes OS for those who want a dedicated machine. Or the base App can be installed on the OS you're already running.

  2. Godot
    I've primarily experimenting a lot with Godot. At first it was a lot of procedural generation based on Noise Maps but that stalled as I am still learning a lot of the engine. So I've been focusing on reading the documentation and building small games. Such as an edited version of the starter project in the Godot Docs.

And besides interacting with the community that is all. Finally I hope next month will be even more productive then the last!

Finished reading through the Gdscript documentation.

Continued reading through Godot's documentation

Read a bit of Godot's documentation.

Did more work on a tiny little Godot shooter I'm creating. Also worked on the website more and am almost done. I just need to finish the project pages, set up emails, and finish adding BAT/Ethereum tips. Also need to add an award section.

Some actual game work today. Kept building on top of the template this time adding custom sprites and terrain. Mainly focusing on reading documentation.

Continued work on the webste and also began work on a RPG in the Godot Engine. I set up the basis for random map generation and familiarized myself with the template I am using.

Worked on the website more. Got Basic Attention Token rewards set up and made some minor changes here and there. Got a github page setup for the project.

Got a HTTPS certificate added and work on some webpage content for the game.

Did more website work. Started getting payment processing set up and only have a few more web pages to finish up.

While not nessicarly Game Design it will very much help in the long run. I worked on the website quite a bit today. Nearly done with the landing page and finishing with the support page.

Decided what the player can edit in the Dex equivalent.

I focused on what my game's core ideas was today. Which is that it needs to be like a toy or sandbox, similar to say the sims. Effectively give tools to players that allows them to mess around in the world. Create their own stories etc.

Studied Political Process more, I feel like the game has an amazing gameplay loop that keeps you in I think the player needs more power to make changes in the game (just some more). For my own game I'll keep these lessons in mind by designing a simple but deep gameplay loop and make sure the player has enough power to make it feel like they're changing things but not enough to become bored.

I studies what make the Political Process game so fun it's simple repeating but sandbox nature and I created a github for the Decade Jam Community project.

Finished the first Godot tutorial. Roughly 40 mintues long it went over many of Gdscript's basics, which was very helpful.

Began learning Godot gdscript to better familiarize myself with the engine.

The first grand strategy in the world is very interesting it seems to have some parts of what would determine the genre later on such as economic, diplomatic management. But lacks the true sandbox found in modern titles.

I began studying the grand strategy genre to figure out what those before me have done before me. I also looked into micronations. I am using this information to create the basis of my game.

I looked for resources on Grand strategy games for the Godot engine I was unable to find any though unfortunately losing a lot of time.

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