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In and among a busier than usual weekend, I've managed to put this one together: a pleasant little all-Mendiola piece. Some of these figures were surprisingly difficult to nail, though they sound simple. (This was a balance between fingering choices and occasional converter drift distortion ruining the occasional take.)

The title comes from the number 508 apparently being the number of graphical forest partitions of 30.

Expanding to four tracks of guitar this week. I'd wanted to do something with more spaces, along with a bit of fake sustained/freeze by looping very short sub-clips, so in tracking, I allowed more spaces and wrote fewer melodic lines to make room for those. The melodies that came through anyway, though, were worth writing. There's also chordal motion in here as well. On listening back, it's kind of surprising I'd got through all these sections in such a short time.

Four tracks of PureSalem Mendiola, no processing, though there's a bit of convolution reverb send on each track, and the stereo-bus Wide&Warm preset.

The title comes from the dedication of the Temple of Castor and Pollux in 484 BCE.

This week's track was about playing with some syncopated rhythms, which then coalesced into something funky. Drums: one Drum Rack with the Crossroads Kit preset, one 808 Status Quo, one with some tabla samples, and one set of handclaps. Operator on the Funky Organ preset. One track of Epiphone P-J bass, and two of Res-O-Glas guitar (one clean with Vox Wah, and one with Reuss RF-01). A bit of Drum Buss and M4L Humanizer on the Crossroads kit, and EQ-8 on the bass.

Sends: one convolution reverb, one Delay, and one Echo. Full-Chain Master on the mixdown.

Title from the way that thorium-treated lenses will darken over time.